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The UK's Gourmet E-Liquid & Tobacco E-Liquids Specialists

Welcome to Red Vape, makers of UK's leading Gourmet E-Liquid and Tobacco E-liquid. Based in Nottingham, in the heart of the country, we carefully blend only the very finest natural ingredients to create a luxury E-Liquid range that is unrivalled for satisfaction and vaping experience. We are passionate about the purity and quality of all our Eliquids and therefore promise that you will never find any artificial ingredients, flavourings or colourings in any Red Vape product.

Tobacco E-liquids

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The Reserva Collection is home to our stunning range of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid. Each tobacco variety is carefully selected, expertly blended and then steeped for at least a month to develop and enhance the intense and rich tobacco flavour.  

Gourmet E-Liquids

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Our Premium e-liquid collection uses only natural ingredients to deliver a taste and vaping experience you won’t forget. Our experts have been working tirelessly to source the finest products from around the world to create this exciting range.

Red Vape Zero Nicotine Gourmet E-Liquid Range

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If you’re looking for a delicious range of high-quality zero nicotine e-liquids, then these are the juices for you. The Zero’s range of liquids has been developed to offer you the same great flavours as you’re used to from our standard juices but with 0mg nicotine. 

Urban Sky High VG Eliquids

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Urban Sky high VG e-liquid is crafted in the UK using all natural ingredients with a focus on quality, bold tastes and vaping experience. Free from artificial preservatives or colourings, these high vg liquids produce silky clouds of smooth, decadent vapour. 

Why Choose Red Vape Gourmet E-Liquid

Red Vape is far from your average Eliquid. We take time to create our products using only the very best ingredients and with a manufacturing process that is designed to retain and develop our complex and rich multi-level flavours.

✔ The Finest Tobacco E-Liquid 

All of the tobacco flavours we use are naturally extracted from hand-picked tobacco leaves. Our experts have carefully selected some of the world’s finest tobacco varieties and from these only mature leaves are chosen. We never use any artificial tobacco flavour in our tobacco e-liquid as we aim to deliver a true representation of the tobacco varieties we have chosen. Naturally extracted tobacco captures the essence of the tobacco leaf without introducing any harshness or bitter undertones that can be experienced using artificial flavourings.

✔ Complex Manufacturing Process 

We use a process known as cold maceration which extracts the flavours from our tobacco without using heat. This is considered the best way of extracting the tobacco’s true essence and produces beautiful, rich and robust flavours. Combined with our ageing and steeping processes our E-Liquid production is by no means quick. However, we’re passionate about flavours and creating the best E-Liquid possible, and this takes time.

✔ Nothing Artificial Here 

We don’t use artificial colouring's, sweeteners, preservatives or chemical additives. Simply put, there is nothing added to our Gourmet E-Liquid that you wouldn’t want to be there.

✔ Palm Oil Free 

All Red Vape e-liquid is 100% palm oil-free.

✔ Independently Tested and Approved 

Each of our blends has been independently tested and approved by labs in the UK. All Red Vape E-Liquid is fully TPD compliant.

It’s very easy for us to blow our own trumpet and tell you how great our E-Liquid is so we invite you to check out some of the independent reviews of our products. None of these reviewers has any affiliation with Red Vape, and their opinions are their own. Ecig Click - Planet of the Vapes - My Vaping Reviews

✔ 50/50 PG VG Ratio for Outstanding Flavour 

E-liquids are made from four primary ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Flavourings and Nicotine. PG and VG are colourless, odourless organic compounds widely are used in medicine and cosmetics. In E-Liquids they are used as carrier bases as they are very effective at transporting the flavourings and nicotine, helping them convert from liquid form to vapour.

PG and VG have slightly different properties, which is why in most liquids, you’ll find a mix of both. PG is a more effective carrier but has a lower vapour production. VG is less effective at carrying but produces more vapour. At Red Vape our Gourmet E-Liquid is all about delivering the best flavour experience possible and so we use a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. By using this ratio, we ensure that not only do our liquids taste fantastic, but they also deliver a satisfying amount of vapour production.  

✔ 100% UK Made E-Liquid

At Red Vape we are utterly passionate and driven to deliver the finest quality UK made E-Liquid. We blend only the highest quality ingredients and use specialist manufacturing processes to produce exquisite flavours that our customers love. This, combined with our heritage values, creates a unique and exciting, truly Premium E-Liquid collection for the vaping connoisseur. Red Vape E-Liquid is blended, produced and packaged in Britain. We are a British owned company and are committed to developing and supporting the UK vaping market.

✔ Outstanding Customer Service 

Not only do we produce the finest Gourmet E-Liquid and Tobacco E-Liquid, but we are also proud of the high-quality service we offer our customers. We will dispatch all orders placed before 3:00 pm on a first-class service from our Nottingham distribution centre for next working day delivery. All orders over £25 qualify for free delivery and we charge just £2.95 for orders under this value. We are always happy to help and you can contact us by telephone, email or through social media.

Home to the UK's Luxury e-Liquid brand. Manufactured with the highest quality natural ingredients, crafted in Britain using a complex manufacturing process to create an e-Liquid range that is unrivalled for satisfaction and vaping experience.
29 Bridgford Road
West Bridgford
United Kingdom

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